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At H2R Africa we aim to provide our clients with the most efficient and affordable resourcing solutions tailored to match their individual requirements in the shortest time possible. With our specialisation in the fields of project management, IT, finance, call centre staffing and handling of executive and management candidates we are well positioned and qualified to provide our clients with the necessary expertise and resources throughout a range of industries and situations.

Whether you need help finding the right candidates for openings within your business and/or projects or if you just need some professional assistance in getting your business back on track, we have the expertise to get you to where you need to be. H2R Africa will provide you with the best recruitment, assessment, consulting, analysis and change management services possible.

We are proud to be a level 2 (BWO) BBBEE contributor (125%). This provides excellent procurement recognition for our clients as well as opportunities for Supplier & Enterprise Development.

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Recruitment Services

We offer three recruitment options, namely:

SLA Based Recruitment

Service-Level Agreements (SLAs), simply put, are formal written agreements between the recruitment service provider and the hiring company. This written agreement formalises the responsibilities of all parties, timelines and deadlines, and any other relevant details for the recruitment process. This guarantees that the hiring party has the ability to put forward all their requirements, as well as receiving a clear time-frame in which to expect their vacancies to be filled.

Outsourced Based Recruitment

Also known as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), this recruitment option where the hiring company hands over all or part of the recruitment process to an external service provider (H2R Africa, in this case). H2R Africa, as the RPO provider, then takes all responsibility for the finding of candidates, handling of interviews and submission to the client of the final choice for approval. This takes all the stress and time-consumption of the recruitment process of the client’s shoulders and allows them to focus on their business.

Project Based Recruitment

Project Based Recruitment is a service which is used mainly by companies getting involved in projects which require permanent and/or temporary staff to setup the  project. The client gives the requirements and list of available positions to H2R Africa, and we then find and screen candidates in order to provide the perfect team for the client’s project.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process includes the following:


Receive client request;


Client complete Vacancy profile analysis (VPA);


Sourcing suitable candidates for the specific vacancies;


Screening of the candidates CV against the agreed minimum criteria set by the client;


Preliminary discussions with the candidates to verify CV details;


Recording of candidates professional profile who qualify against the minimum criteria on the 'matching grid' (provided in addition to the CVs); and


Interviewing of the candidate (Telephonically or in-person).

Any additional checks such as ITC and qualification verification checks can also be done on request but this type of request can delay the appointment process with up to two weeks and will be done at an additional costs to the client.

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Cost Structure

Each of our three recruitment service options come with their own dedicated cost structure, as indicated below:

The baseline cost when making use of Service Level Agreement (SLA) recruitment is a percentage placement fee, which is determined on a case-by-case basis according to the total cost to company of the applicant’s package.

The cost for project based recruitment will be determined for each specific project and may involve a combination of fixed costs and placement fees. The exact combination, if any, depends on the project and will be determined on an individual basis.

The cost for outsourced based recruitment will be determined according to the size of the client company and may involve a combination of both a retainer and placement fee. The exact combination, if any, depends on the company and will be determined on an individual basis.